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VRS243 – 10 Things You Must Do To Stay In Business

We are in a new era of our business. We’ve moved from talking about ‘vacation rentals’ to using the term ‘short-term rental’; Airbnb has become a verb; major hotel groups are moving into our space with years of hospitality experience and a strong competitive edge, and we have to watch our backs every day as […]


VRS242 – Getting Ahead Of Vacation Rental Regulations with Megan McCrea

Regulations – Legislation – Advocacy – Licensing – Lodging Taxes. These are words that are a part of our short-term rental vocabulary and they aren’t going away. In light of the decision by San Diego’s City Council to ban rentals in secondary homes the importance of getting up to date on the current and pending […]


VRS233 – Co-Hosting and Master Leasing with Anna Rawlins of Airbnb Investor Style

Traditionally, a vacation rental homeowner wanting to move into property management would follow a route that meant investing in expensive software, learning email automation systems and multi-tasking like crazy. Then along came Airbnb with new terms like co-hosting, master leasing and rental arbitrage. Airbnb has recognized that not everyone wants to be standing at the […]


VRS226 – The Questions Owners Are Asking Of Vacation Rental Managers

The Cottage Life Show in Toronto is the introduction to spring for thousands of Ontario’s recreational property owners. Over 40,000 visitors throng the International Centre in Toronto over 4 days, and many of them are cottage owners who either already rent out their properties or are thinking of doing so. So, in my day-job as […]