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Heather Bayer
VRF B-School
Director of Education & Training
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Master the Steps in Revitalizing Your Short-Term Rental Business

Build a profitable rental business that stands out using these steps that help vacation rental owners reach a wider audience, increase bookings, and maximize revenue.

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1. Research and Understand the Short-Term Rental Business
It’s a Business
Make informed decisions and set yourself up for long-term profitability.
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2. Prepare the Property for Rental
Revisiting the Basics
Optimize its layout, decor, and amenities to appeal to renters, while ensuring it’s clean, safe, and well-maintained.
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3. Create a Vacation Rental Marketing Strategy
Powered Up Marketing
Drive bookings and maximize your rental income. Create a marketing strategy that leverages your branding, listing, and social media to reach potential guests.
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4. Managing the Operations of a Rental Business
Running on Rails
Equip yourself with the tools and strategies you need to streamline your operations.
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7. Branding & Marketing as a Property Manager
Marketing Mastery
Develop a strong brand identity and create effective marketing campaigns that reach your target audience and drive bookings.
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6. Managing Properties for Others
the pm pro
Navigate the complexities of property management to build a successful and highly-profitable business.
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5. Create a Core Guest Experience Plan
Hospitality First
Deliver exceptional customer service and create memorable experiences for your guests to build a loyal customer base and drive repeat business.
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8. Attracting Owners
Owner Success
Create compelling value propositions and develop effective outreach strategies to build trust and credibility with property owners to expand your business and increase profitability.
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9. Effective Financial & Operational  Management
Data & Revenue Ninja
Implement financial and operational systems that maximize profitability, minimize risk, and optimize guest experience to drive long-term success and sustainability.
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10. Hiring & Managing a Team
Finding Talent
Work with a strategic goal for recruiting and hiring the right people to maximize business performance.
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photo of heather bayer

Heather Bayer

Co-Founder and Director of Training
Vacation Rental Formula
Heather is a 25 year veteran of the short-term rental business, former property manager, and industry expert with over 20 years of experience managing 180 rental properties.
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Mike Bayer

Co-Founder and CEO
Vacation Rental Formula
Mike, an adult educator, multi-media creator and STR property maintenance expert has been the producer of our online vacation rental education resources since its inception in 2004.
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Jason Beaton

Chief Technology Officer
Vacation Rental Formula
Jason is a digital marketing  and automation expert bringing over 10 years of experience. He excels in streamlining API systems and working with property managers to optimize business functions.

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