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Are you a short-term rental (STR) business owner looking to take your business to the next level?

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With many different courses to help you solve the problem you are having right now.

Online Education

Study at your own pace and preferred schedule with our flexible online learning that offers a variety of materials and content formats to accommodate all types of learners.

Expert-Led Community

Join our expert-led and moderated online STR community, where we foster a supportive space to encourage engagement and growth.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get a complete refund of your purchase if you are not fully satisfied with our courses. 

Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time


Our lessons are divided into bite-sized, easy-to-consume video presentations to keep our visual and auditory learners engaged and entertained.


Enrich your learning experience with workbooks to help you apply your theoretical knowledge on paper and work through some of your own business challenges.


No need to be tied up to your desktop! Just download our mobile app and access our content even when you're on the go!


Every course has a support space in our VRF B-School support forum. No fluff, just the stuff you need to help you get the most out of the course you're working on!


Learn from our team of seasoned short-term rental instructors and other educators across the industry!


Save $$$ when you sign up today and join our exclusive group that has access to everything, including all the upcoming VRF B-School content that's yet to be published! 


Can I just take a single course?

You can purchase any single course you feel best suits your current business needs. If you feel the VRF B-School has more to offer, you are better to invest in the lifetime-access option to purchase all courses available now and those to come in the future.

How long does implementation take?

Each course has different learning outcomes and different supporting workbooks to help guide you through the course content. Moat of our courses aim to provide 2-3 hours of video course content and combined with completing the workbooks and practical tasks you should have an average course completed and implemented within a week.

What payment methods are available?

Our training platform accepts all major credit cards through the Stripe payment exchange. Your statement will list your purchase with MOSO Partnership Inc.