10 Small Appliances for a Well Equipped Kitchen

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A well-equipped kitchen will encourage returning guests and may inspire some great testimonials and reviews so ensure your property is ‘fully loaded'. This means supplying a good variety of small appliances and cooking aids. Here's my top 10 list….

  1. Coffee Maker – don't go for the cheapest and if you buy a spare jug at the same time, you'll have a spare in case of breakage. A top range model with a grinder will really please renter.
  2. 4-Slice Toaster – I like the ones that take bagels as well.
  3. Electric Kettle – I am British and couldn't be without my cup of tea in the morning, so this is high priority for me.
  4. Food Processor – I'm getting one for next year as it was asked for several times this past summer. I had a hand mixer but I guess there are some vacation cooks out there who use their downtime to practice their culinary skills.
  5. Slow Cooker – nice to supply if you are renting in the winter.
  6. Panini Maker– I got one of these in Canadian Tire recently and love it, so my guests are getting one too (I think I'm beginning to sound like Oprah!!).
  7. Electric Fry Pan – This is another ‘nice to have' appliance — useful for couples and small groups.
  8. Toaster Oven – Not sure about this one as we haven't a great deal of space but may think about it as I like mine at home and use it a lot. It does need a lot of cleaning though.
  9. Bread Machine – We have occasionally been asked for one of these, but I don't think I'd buy it unless there was a really good deal. I know of some cottages where it is a real hit.
  10. Electric Whisk – The waffels or pancakes that are normally not included in the home diet are sure to be in while on vacation. A hand whisk is fine but the electric puts it over the top.

Have I missed anything? Do you supply any other small appliances I haven’t mentioned?


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