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VRS064 – How to use reviews to grow your vacation rental business

Reviews are more than just an opportunity to pat yourself on the back and bask in the glow of compliments about your home and the service you give. They are also a reservoir of suggestions, recommendations and ideas that can provide you with so much information on what you could do to improve the experience […]


10 Ways to Prevent Complaints and Negative Reviews For Your Vacation Rental

Oh no…..a negative review! The day you get the first of these is never a happy one and there’s always a knee jerk reaction that will throw you into defensive mode. How dare they? Don’t they know what damage publicly displayed bad feedback can do? It’s completely unfair and we have to get it removed. […]


VRS015 – 25 Ways to Attract 5 Star Reviews

In this session of Vacation Rental Success I share 25 ways you can make an impact on your guests that will contribute to them writing a great review on your listing. I know from personal experience how much reviews can impact a vacation decision.  We use vacation rentals wherever we travel and the reviews are […]


The Sure-Fire Way to Get Negative Reviews – and How to Avoid Them

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what happens when things go wrong at a vacation rental and how easy it is to screw up all the goodwill you have created with guests by simply mis-handling the situation. When I say ‘mishandling’ I mean not having the systems and procedures in place to manage a […]


How we got 60 Reviews and created a loyal band of repeat guests

This week saw a milestone at Osprey Cottage and our 60th review.  It was from a group who have been to the cottage before but this was the first time they had posted a review so it was a delight to hear from them.  Since we have had such great success with this property, I […]