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VRS271 – Let’s Book Direct! With Annie Switzer and Joe Godar

Last year, the inaugural #BookDirect Guest Education Day reached an estimated 3.5 million travelers with direct email campaigns and had a social reach of over 24 million consumers. A year later, the movement hasn’t lost any momentum as more and more owners, and property managers release their dependence on the major OTAs and increase their confidence in […]


VRS270 – 7 Alternative Ways to Promote Your Vacation Rental Business

How do you get seen in a market that is so crowded? When there are thousands of similar properties vying for travelers attention it’s pretty near impossible to get to the top of the search. In this episode, we explore 7 different ways of getting your property in front of prospective guests long before they […]


VRS247 – Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals with Jodi Bourne

There’s no denying it now – I have to get to grips with Instagram. I’m currently watching my daughter-in-law, Andrea, building her audience on Instagram with my son, Mike, as they document their sailing adventures via @BayerFootTravels and I am seeing and hearing how much fun they are having figuring it all out. Statistics suggest there will […]


VRS231 – Vacation Rental Masterclass with John Oden

Season 1 of Matt Landau’s A Sense of Place has highlighted the amazing work that owners and managers do to create what he calls the ‘Limited Edition’ style of vacation rentals. These aren’t sterile locations that bear no relation to the comfort and style we’ve come to expect from our unique brand of accommodation. They […]


5 Critical Phases Every Vacation Rental Guest Experiences

When was the last time you thought about all of the different things that happen before a guest books a stay at your vacation rental? Sometimes guests find you from an Online Travel Agency (OTA) like Airbnb or HomeAway. Others might come from a listing. Other times a guest may come across your website (you […]


VRS184 – Vacation Rental Marketing 2.0 with Mike Bayer

Marketing for your vacation rental business can seem like a hard slog. There’s always something to do and be planning, even when you only have a finite number of weeks to rent. It can be overwhelming and often feels like an uphill challenge given the nature of OTAs and their ever-changing demands. The first thing […]


VRS175 – PR for Vacation Rentals with Jessica Gillingham

Have you ever wondered how to get your vacation rental mentioned in a media article, or thought you may have a story that would be interesting enough to feature in a travel blog? Some years ago when I was running our UK based company, Clearwater Holidays, we wanted to get the message out about our […]


VRS162 – The Five Things You Must Do For Vacation Rental Success in 2017

With the industry growing exponentially, professional owners have to be on their toes to manage the changes that will come at them from all angles. Whether it’s dealing with OTAs moving the goal posts yet again, or the potential of short term rental legislation, or the massive competition we’ll experience, there is a challenge on […]


VRS158 – Why You Need Emotional Gunpowder For Your Vacation Rental Business

After over 40 years in the vacation rental business, Twiddy and Co have amassed a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in the industry. In this episode, I talk to President, Ross Twiddy, about his experience with the family company, what’s behind its growth and success and what he considers to be […]

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