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What do Your Guests do Most at Your Cottage?

   What is the one thing everyone will do on a vacation in a cottage? I mean everyone….from the tiniest baby to great grandma? They will do it, not once, but every single day of their holiday. They will sleep! And since they are on vacation, they would hope that it will be a good […]



We’ve all heard stories about Cottage renters who, during their stay at a Cottage, have either wrecked something, done something stupid, failed to follow instructions given, left the cottage in a mess or upset the neighbors. Many of these tales may just be legend or embellished over time to make a better story. However, there […]


Why Don’t Guests Read the Cottage Guide?

I was talking with a cottage owner this weekend who remarked that he could not understand why renters cannot seem to follow the simplest of instructions in the cottage guide. One explanation could be that they follow them too closely and my experience after my Christmas renters supports this. We ask our rental guests to […]


What Your Guests Need to Know About Winter Rentals

On one of our first winter visits to our Haliburton Highlands cottage from the UK, we experienced a 36-hour power outage during and after a winter storm. It was pretty scary as the road out was blocked by snow; the plow didn’t get round until the second day; we’d never realized we’d be without water […]


Preparing your guests for winter rental

Rental guests come in all shapes, sizes and from a great variety of backgrounds. Similarly, they all have varying preconceived ideas about what to expect from their vacation rental. Where people are used to city services – water, sewage, garbage collection and of course snow removal, it’s important to let them know the differences they […]

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