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VRS112 – The Step by Step Foolproof Process to Delight Your Guests

When I talk to an owner about delighting guests and what that means to them, they will invariably talk about the first impression their guests have of their property, the guest gift they leave, and the amenities they provide. But there is so much more to creating happiness than the origami towel in the shape […]


VRS105 – Is Your Vacation Rental Really Family Friendly?

From the early days of vacation rentals, families have found them to be a great alternative to hotels, and all the listing sites tout families as being a prime group to target. So, why do so many owners fall short of expectations and fail to provide many of the essentials to modern day parents? Probably […]


VRS103 – How to Be a Location Influencer on Instagram with Thibault Masson

With 400 million monthly active users, and 70+ million users who access the platform daily, there’s clearly some potential for adding Instagram to our vacation rental marketing toolbox. And since it is free to use, and relatively easy to learn, there are few barriers to entry. Some owners and VR marketers have embraced Instagram as […]


VRS099 – The Digital Handshake With Will Franco

It’s no secret that video will give you an edge in social media marketing. Stats from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus suggest that a short video can boost engagement and increase traffic to a website. So why aren’t more people using it? Most would argue that the cost of equipment, time involved in editing, and […]


VRS090 – How to Make Your International Guests Feel at Home

We’ve had friends staying from UK for the past two weeks, and been in long discussion about the differences between the UK and Canada, from driving on the other side of the road, to their expectations of shopping and eating out. I remember my first trip to the US and being completely thrown by four-way […]


VRS064 – How to Use Reviews to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business

Reviews are more than just an opportunity to pat yourself on the back and bask in the glow of compliments about your home and the service you give. They are also a reservoir of suggestions, recommendations and ideas that can provide you with so much information on what you could do to improve the experience […]


VRS060 – Touch Stay: The evolution of the welcome book with Andy McNulty

From the founder of Getaway Earth and Vacation Insider Guides, comes Touch Stay – the “Online Welcome Pack for the Digital Age”, and it was a real delight to have Andy McNulty back on the show to talk about it. This testimonial from a Touch Stay client shows that Andy has found that sweet spot […]


VRS042 – Creating a Vacation Insider Guide with Andy McNulty

My guest on this episode is passionate about the vacation rental business, and although he doesn’t own a property himself, he has been a powerful advocate for delivering great information to guests, for many years. Back in 2007, Andy McNulty, together with a business partner, founded Getaway Earth. The site aimed to create a space […]


Meeting Vacation Rental Guest Expectations

Has anyone noticed how this year renters seem to have much higher expectations than before? I remember when the most asked question was, ‘Does it have running water and electricity’, and feeling amused and slightly smug saying that not only did my cottage have the luxury of an indoor toilet, but it also had a TV. Now, some of the most frequently asked questions are, ‘What size is the TV and does it get the sports channel?’, and ‘Is there hi-speed internet?’

Just a few weeks ago, I heard a complaint from a renter who had completed their vacation at a cottage on a lake local to us. The cottage has grass to the shoreline then shallow water with a hard sand bottom with a few rocks. I would say water shoes are advisable but then I’d recommend that anyway. The listing for the cottage said:

“Sandy, shallow walkout to the water, deepening gradually toward the end of the dock”.

The renter complained that the ‘beach’ that was advertised was not there and her daughter was unable to play in the sand. Apparently, using the word ‘sandy’ in the listing gave the impression that there was a portion of Bondi Beach on the shoreline, dunes stretching in every direction, and an expectation her children of the family spending happy hours building Buckingham Palace type sandcastles.

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