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VRS211 – Paying it Forward with Vacation Rental Owner Bob Garner

Who hasn’t dreamed of quitting the day job and enjoying life in an idyllic location, following a passion of meeting people and helping create amazing experiences? This is what Bob Garner did in 2005 when, together with his long-time partner, Ian, they gave up their corporate careers in London, bought a derelict farmhouse in a […]


The Perfect Vacation Rental Welcome

Making sure your vacation rental guests have the perfect welcome when they arrive at your property is very important. The first 5 minutes will determine their happiness for the next few days and that first impression lasts. You can read a little more about first impressions and the ‘WOW’ factor or maybe you want to […]


VRS195 – Welcoming Vacation Rental Families in Style with Mary Ostyn

Creating a family-friendly vacation home is challenging, not least because children of different ages have different needs. Unless you have recent experience of vacationing with a lot of kids in tow, how can you really know what is going to make the experience the best possible? Should you provide lots of baby stuff? What types […]


VRS192 – 10 Sure-fire Ways to Upset Your Guests at Check In

In this solo episode I’m getting back to some basics as I talk about the first 30 minutes your guests experience at your property, and why that is so important to the overall enjoyment of their vacation and to the review they subsequently may write. There is a magic that accompanies arrival at a vacation […]


YourWelcome – A Digital Vacation Rental Welcome Book

We have talked at length, both in blog posts and on the podcast, about the importance of welcoming your guests to your property and how that first impression is invaluable to the outcome of a happy guest. One of our most popular blog posts (The Vacation Rental Welcome Book) covers the in’s and out of […]


VRS125 – What your Vacation Rental guests really want

A few years ago, enquiries were simpler. They referenced a simpler way of vacationing and underpinned why vacation rentals were becoming so popular. People asked about the outdoors; the waterfront access; how good the fishing was, and whether there were any board games and videos. Fast forward to 2016 and the questions are changing. They […]


VRS122 – Handling Vacation Rental Complaints and Staying Sane

Once upon a time, vacation rental accommodation was called self-catering, and that is what people did. They self-catered. They were self-reliant and generally looked after themselves. If a light bulb went out, the guests were happy to change it; if the toilet paper ran out, they would go out and buy some more, and if […]

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