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VRS245 – How to Outsource and Other Vacation Rental Tips with Craig Reid

Are you doing dull, repetitive tasks that have you saying, “I shouldn’t be doing this”? Is your time spent on boring jobs that prevent you from working on projects that can deliver much greater value to your business? Is that a yes? I’m sure it is for many small business owners who plow through myriad […]


10 Ways to Build Your Vacation Rental Business and Still Have Free Time

“When I tell people we are close to Cancun, they envision umbrella drinks, beach, relaxation … my reality is Home Depot, Costco, Mega, etc.” (Post on Facebook group) Ask vacation rental owners how many hours a week they spend on managing their vacation rental property, and you’ll probably receive vague replies. Few owners accurately assess […]


VRS243 – 10 Things You Must Do To Stay In Business

We are in a new era of our business. We’ve moved from talking about ‘vacation rentals’ to using the term ‘short-term rental’; Airbnb has become a verb; major hotel groups are moving into our space with years of hospitality experience and a strong competitive edge, and we have to watch our backs every day as […]


VRS242 – Getting Ahead Of Vacation Rental Regulations with Megan McCrea

Regulations – Legislation – Advocacy – Licensing – Lodging Taxes. These are words that are a part of our short-term rental vocabulary and they aren’t going away. In light of the decision by San Diego’s City Council to ban rentals in secondary homes the importance of getting up to date on the current and pending […]


Five Vacation Rental Management Tasks to Outsource and Automate

Steve Milo, founder and CEO of VTrips (formerly Vacation Rental Pros), was managing 125 properties before he hired his first full-time staff. He explained how he did this in this interview on the Vacation Rental Success Podcast. VTrips now manages over 2,000 properties across the U.S., and is one of the largest independent property management […]


The Things We Forget – Being Proactive and Not Reactive

Building a vacation rental business involves a lot of moving parts. From staging the property, taking photographs, and sourcing the right linens and towels, to choosing the best reservation system, communicating with guests, and everything in between — it can be tough to manage it all. Occasionally, something will slip through the cracks, and when […]


How Tech Can Elevate Your Vacation Rental Business

Back in the good old days of renting out a vacation home, when a sign on the lawn and a classified ad was all you needed to score a fully occupied season, there was nothing technical about it. All you needed was a calendar, a spreadsheet, a fax machine, a telephone (yes, we spoke to […]


Do-It-Yourself Short-Term Vacation Rental Management

It’s a lot easier to self-manage a vacation home than it was 10 years ago. Online vacation rental companies like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO make it less time-consuming by taking care of the processes that used to be manual. Updating calendars, managing rate tables, altering text, and uploading photos can be done with minimal effort. […]


VRS227 – The Short-Term Rental Direct Booking Disruptor with Joe Godar

It’s been a couple of months since #BookDirect Day, and the momentum is still high. More and more regional sites are being launched, and I see the results of owners creating their own websites and throwing off the OTA bonds. And they are seeing success. We also heard from Amy Hinote in an excellent blog […]

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