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VRS170 – Practical Vacation Rental Investment with Michael Hamilton

My guest today took his interest and knowledge of real estate investment and has turned it into a vacation rental business. With three properties currently listed on Airbnb & VRBO, Michael Hamilton was about to fly off to North Carolina to close on the fourth, when I was able to talk to him from his […]


VRS087 – CEO and Founder of Canada Stays Mark Bordo

Some years ago when Cottage Blogger was in its infancy, and the cottage rental market here in Ontario was meeting some challenges of change, I came across a new listing site. Cottage was a start-up, and at first glance seemed like every other listing site that was sprouting up at that time. They were […]


Are You a Dinosaur….or Vacation Rental Mobile Ready?

I don’t like to label myself, but in issues of technology I find myself overwhelmed sometimes with the speed of progress, the wealth of new gadgets and gizmos, and most of all, the ability of my 2 year old granddaughter to operate an iPad. My label would be ‘recovering dinosaur’! I’ve seen the light and […]


VRS044 – Extreme Vacation Rental Property Makeover with Amy Firmani and Matt Landau

If you are a reader of Matt Landau’s excellent Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, you have probably been following his amazing website makeover series. If you are not familiar with Matt, this is a great introduction to some of his work. Several months ago, Matt launched the Makeover – a project where he took an under-performing property […]


The Anatomy of a Successful Vacation Rental Listing Part One- The Headline

The Source (formerly Radio Shack) in Canada has been running an ad for a couple of years with the ‘I Want That’ theme. A little weird, but it says where we are now in the crowded retail space – if something grabs our attention sufficiently, it’s usually enough to draw us in to finding out […]