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VRS017 – Are You Covered or Exposed? With VR Insurance Specialist Phil Schofield

It’s not often you’ll hear me say that I’m looking forward to talking about insurance, but I was actually eager to talk to today’s guest as he is not only a vacation rental owner himself, but is also an expert on vacation rental insurance. Phil Schofield is head of inbound marketing at Schofields insurance,  specialist insurers […]


How to Prevent Cottage Rental Disasters by Playing the Insurance Card

This guest post is by Phil Schofield of Schofields Insurance At some point, holiday cottage rental owners will come up against problem vacationers. Unfortunately, it’s an occupational hazard – not every booking is good for business. Avoiding certain ‘difficult guests’ can result in fewer headaches and a higher quality experience for the guests you do […]


Top Vacation Rental Insurance Tips for Property Owners

This is a guest post by Phil Schofield of Schofields Insurance – a UK specialist in holiday letting insurance. Your vacation rental is a valuable asset and I am sure you have spent a lot of time on making the property perfect for your guests, and that you want to keep it that way. Letting […]


Is Your Vacation Rental Adequately Insured?

Getting insurance to cover renting out a vacation cottage can be tough here in Ontario. Some companies won’t touch short term rentals, others impose restrictions on the annual rental period or occupancy levels, and rates can be eye-watering. However, finding a good insurance broker who is prepared to do the leg work can uncover a […]