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VRS273 – 5 Mistakes That VRBO’s Often Make (2019)

A few years ago I wrote a blog post that went on to be one of the most popular on Cottage Blogger. It was called 10 Mistakes VRBO Owners Often Make. It listed a number of things owners frequently did that could be detrimental to their rental business – and downright catastrophic if they did […]


VRS225 – Vacation Rental Emergency Planning Made Easy

Back in 2016 at the first VRSS I did a session on Emergency Planning. It wasn’t that well attended – there were other workshops that may have been seen as more interesting….Tyann Marcink was talking about photography and there was a great session on social media marketing. Both of which were much more exciting than […]


VRS162 – The Five Things You Must Do For Vacation Rental Success in 2017

With the industry growing exponentially, professional owners have to be on their toes to manage the changes that will come at them from all angles. Whether it’s dealing with OTAs moving the goal posts yet again, or the potential of short term rental legislation, or the massive competition we’ll experience, there is a challenge on […]


VRS147 – From Vacation Rental Rookies to Seasoned Veterans

This year has seen an upsurge in new owners coming into the rental market – at least in my neck of the woods. Our rental agency has had the highest rate of new owner inquiries since the business started in 2004, and in talking to them the message we are receiving is loud and clear… […]


VRS127 – Takeaways from the Vacation Rental Success Summit 2016

For two days in Toronto, there was a place where everywhere you went the conversation was on the same topic. In the hallways, the social center, the dining room, and even in the fitness center – the talk was vacation rentals. The Vacation Rental Success Summit brought together some of the most interesting, influential and […]