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Why You Should Deliver on Your Promises

It’s been a frustrating week here on our RV site in Alabama. While we’ve been watching presidential candidates making promises in their election campaigns that they may or may not keep, I’ve been patiently waiting for the promised internet connection to materialize. From the day we arrived here, ten days ago, the intermittent and poor […]


The Early Bird Could Catch the Booking

How quickly do you respond to an inquiry? I was reading a thread on Lay My Hat this morning and was interested in the range of issues this raised. Some people commented that when they had sent out inquiries to vacation rental owners, in many cases there was a less than 50% response rate. This […]


Does Your "Luxury" Cottage Deliver Its Promise?

What do the terms, “luxury cottage”, “upscale cottage rental” or “executive property” mean to you? Do you use any of these terms to describe your cottage, and if so, what criteria do base your description on? Craig and I were driving up to Fenelon Falls yesterday to view a ‘luxury, executive’ cottage, and as we […]

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