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VRS342 – Content Creation for Short-Term Rental Conversion with Kim Doyal

Two weeks ago, Damian Sheridan told us the first thing you need for a successful book direct plan is a website. The second is a powerful content creation strategy.  Kim Doyal is here to tell us that content is not just king…it’s everything. I came across Kim when I was on the search for something […]


VRS276 – Growing Your Vacation Rental Email List with Lead Magnets

Direct marketing to our potential guests is tough. Invariably the OTAs will get to them first with an instant booking, and they are making it increasingly difficult for owners and managers to create any form of relationship with guests before their stay. But, if we were to capture their emails before they get to the […]


VRS212 – 7 Activities To Grow Your Vacation Rental Business in 2018

There’s no doubt, being in the vacation rental business becomes more challenging every year. While we love the growth of the business it’s brought with it an increase in competition, a rise in guest expectations, and the need to be on top of technology. In this episode, I wanted to share what I think we […]


VRS130 – Paid Advertising For Vacation Rental With Conrad O’Connell

It was a real pleasure to invite Conrad back onto the podcast for Part 2 of our interview – this time featuring his great insights into paid advertising. Our property management company has been in business for 12 years and we’ve never seen the need to use paid ads. Over the years we’ve built up […]


VRS126 – 5 Habits Every Vacation Rental Owner Should Develop

Renting out a property professionally is no walk in the park. It’s arduous at times. It eats up hours with marketing, activity on social media and keeping abreast of changes in the marketplace. And sometimes it feels as though all that work is for nothing when the inquiries you answered don’t convert into bookings, and […]

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