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VRS272 – Investing in Short-Term Rental Property with Erica Muller of Vrolio

Today’s guest has been a realtor for 16 years in the Orlando area. She’s one of a few real estate agents who really understand the vacation rental business and the challenges involved in selling a short-term rental. Earlier this year the vacation rental real estate listing site, Vrolio, was given a soft launch. The listing, […]


VRS178 – Practical Vacation Rental Investment Part 2 with Michael Hamilton

Do vacation rentals make a good investment? This is a question you see occasionally cropping up on the investor websites such as Bigger Pockets, and is invariably answered in the negative. The argument is that they are too time-consuming, are way more involved to set up than a traditional residential rental, and don’t have consistent […]


VRS170 – Practical Vacation Rental Investment with Michael Hamilton

My guest today took his interest and knowledge of real estate investment and has turned it into a vacation rental business. With three properties currently listed on Airbnb & VRBO, Michael Hamilton was about to fly off to North Carolina to close on the fourth, when I was able to talk to him from his […]


VRS166 – Vacation Rental Travels with Beth Caro Carson

Editor of the VR industry’s only online magazine for travelers, Beth Carson is a seasoned traveler (45 countries stamped in her passport!) and knows travel from both sides of the check-in desk. Beth dishes about the ins and outs of running a magazine, her gift to vacation rental owners, and delves into surviving one of […]


VRS165 – Hard Lessons Learned with Matt Landau

When Matt Landau closed on a deal he couldn’t ignore and became the proud owner of what is now Los Cuatros Tulipanes in Casco Viejo, Panama, he didn’t appreciate that over the next few years he would earn the equivalent of an MBA in vacation rentals. He learned a lot about the neighborhood, the people […]


5 Things Your Cottage Buyers Need To Know If They Want to Rent

People buy cottages for many reasons and they have different types of perceptions and expectations. Many buyers are now considering rental as part of their investment plan, so it’s important to be able to present them with appropriate and comprehensive detail so they can make informed decisions on the their cottage purchase. Having this information […]


VRS074 – Selling a Vacation Rental Home with Rick Oster

If you are a reader of this blog and you listen to the podcast, it will not have escaped you that I have listed my two river front cottages for sale. I need to sell them before we begin to build on our Bahamas land, so as you can imagine, I’m quite keen to get […]


VRS072 – Destination Payoff with Scott McGillivray of Income Property

It’s been a long winter of waiting for Cottage Blogger’s own Mike Bayer, and his wife Andrea. It was back in the fall of 2014 that the popular home renovation show, Income Property, and its dynamic presenter Scott McGillivray worked their magic on their Lake Ontario property, Sea Breeze. The wait is over and the […]


5 Waterfront Markets for Profitable Vacation Rentals

  Vacation homes provide owners with the opportunity to lease part-time, unlike traditional rental property investments requiring year-long commitments. Short-term rentals, depending on locale, are generally profitable and convenient. Owners have the option to claim dates for their personal use while charging premiums during peak holidays. Vacation home investors might consider purchasing waterfront properties, but […]

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