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VRS189 – Wicked Awesome Vacation Rentals with Maria La Barbera Lamb

This episode in our Successful Owner Series introduces the owner of Wicked Awesome Maine Vacations – a small property management company comprising the owner’s three houses, one belonging to a cousin, and two third party homes. When I heard that, it reminded me of how my own property management company started – three of my […]


VRS094 – Vacation Rental Pros with Steve Milo

This week’s guest tells the story of how he went from a handful of properties under management to 950 over a period of 10 years. At one point he was managing 125 single-handedly. Like many people, Steve Milo started in the business with just his own vacation rental property in Florida. At that time the […]


VRS083 – A week in the life of a vacation rental manager

Happy Canada Day! (and US Independence Day in a few days) I love this time of year and the pride I feel as a ‘New Canadian’ but I do have a price to pay as the CEO of a Vacation Rental Management agency as the green flag is lowered on our high season. The festivities […]


From 7 Properties to 200 – Tips for Starting a Vacation Rental Agency

As this business attracts more people who want to really succeed, many are seeing the benefits of either buying additional properties or helping others manage theirs. Perhaps you are an Owner Manager.   You have your own vacation rental properties – maybe a couple of condos or houses in the same complex or area. Many followers […]


Why vacation rental owners and agencies should be podcasting – Part Two

Part One of this post explained why I really believe that podcasting should be in your marketing plan, and this Part briefly explores how you can get started, and just how easy it is. I am not going to go into this too deeply as there are some really great tutorials available that provide everything […]


Why vacation rental owners and agencies should be podcasting – Part One

I’m super excited because as I write this, it’s only 10 days till I fly to Dallas for the first ever Podcast Movement Conference. This looks to be an amazing event showcasing some of the top experts in podcasting with keynote presentations, topic specific sessions and a range of panels featuring podcasters who are making […]


A Month in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager

We’ve reached summer and passed the longest day, and as the nights start drawing in and my annual vacation is a mere 12 weeks away, I figured it was a good time to reflect on our busiest month of the year as June closes with Canada Day (July 1st) and for those south of the border, […]


VRS008 – 10 Things We Learned from a Summer of Rental

Well, I finally got to Episode 8 after a long hiatus over the summer and into the fall.  It seems there is no stopping this runaway train that is the business of vacation rentals and we felt it in our agency as many others have experienced too. The busy summer of rentals took all our […]

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