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VRS454 – We Stayed Here – Reflections on Being a Short-Term Rental Guest

If there is one thing every property owner and manager should do frequently, it’s to be a guest in someone else’s property, because, however much you do for your own guests, you can never truly understand the experience of staying in a short-term rental, unless you have done it yourself. And not in your own place.


VRS452 – Out From the Shadows – The Owner Rez Success Story

PMS companies trumpet features that offer everything you could possibly need to run a sizeable vacation rental company from owner and guest portals to website and channel management, housekeeping and maintenance schedule to trust accounting …and much more.

So, how do you choose the one that is right for you?


VRS449 – How To Sell Your Business Successfully with Sarah Bradford (former owner of Steamboat Lodging Co. and Winterpark Lodging Co.)

There are a lot of transactions going on right now as property management businesses are acquired by investment companies, consolidators and other managers seeking to grow.  It may seem an attractive notion if your company has some good growth and you feel the time is right to get out and move on. 
From some of the best-known people in the industry selling their property management companies to webinars suggesting rates should be adjusted down in preparation for 2023, and a lot in between, there was a lot to unpack.

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