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VRS495 – How to Create A Luxury Short-Term Rental Brand with Dr Rachel Gainsbrugh

Luxury is a subjective word.  To some it means opulence, sumptuous surroundings and lavish spending while to others it can refer to an experience, like a candlelit bubble bath after a busy working day or a day at the spa.   To Dr Rachel Gainsbrugh, travellers seeking a modern luxury experience are looking for something very different.


VRS494 – Learning from Property Management Mistakes: Insights and Strategies from Industry Experts with Brooke Pfautz

A few weeks ago, Vintory founder Brooke Pfautz had an idea.  Why not ask some of the leading property managers to reflect on their Top 10 Mistakes?

The resulting list of over 500 contributions is a fabulous learning resource in itself as it’s like sitting down with 50+ managers and picking their brains on what they would do differently if they had the time over again.


VRS487 – The Business of Luxury Short-Term Rentals: Caleb Hannon’s Stay Lake Norman Insights

Being passionate about where he lives and what the area offers to guests was just one of the values Caleb Hannon brought to Stay Lake Norman and a reason he bought into the company when the sole owner decided to take a step back.

The company specializes in luxury accommodation in a specific area and targets the affluent market.  This means that all properties have to meet and exceed a high set of standards and criteria, and can often require the company to step in from the purchase point, with an interior designer and a hefty budget.  It also means they are highly selective about the properties that are accepted into the rental management program.

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