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VRS487 – The Business of Luxury Short-Term Rentals: Caleb Hannon’s Stay Lake Norman Insights

Being passionate about where he lives and what the area offers to guests was just one of the values Caleb Hannon brought to Stay Lake Norman and a reason he bought into the company when the sole owner decided to take a step back.

The company specializes in luxury accommodation in a specific area and targets the affluent market.  This means that all properties have to meet and exceed a high set of standards and criteria, and can often require the company to step in from the purchase point, with an interior designer and a hefty budget.  It also means they are highly selective about the properties that are accepted into the rental management program.


VRS482 – Vacation Rental Power Couple Spill Their Secrets for Growing 25-35% Annually!

Since launching Seaside Vacations in early 2016, vacation rental power couple, Lance and Elaine Stitcher, have seen a steady growth of 25% – 35% annually in their Chincoteague Island and Ocean City market.

Yet with that growth to multiple offices and more staff, the dynamic duo are still eager to maintain the local connections and impact that have brought them such success.


VRS475 – How To Navigate The Ever-Changing Short-Term Rental Business In 2023

It’s been an eventful 3 years on every front and as we enter 2023 and reflect on the last one, there have been plenty of changes to review.  Andrew McConnell from has shared his thoughts on the passing of another year in the industry every January and we’re happy to hear them once again.
There is a lot that isn’t clear about the upcoming year.