The Digital Guest Welcome Book
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Digital Hospitality On A Personal Level...

Touch Stay is a digital welcome pack enabling vacation rental owners and vacation rental managers to share property and area information with their guests, creating a more personal experience.

What's the WiFi password? Where's the local seafood market? What's the most scenic hiking path? How does the AC work? Your vacation rental guests can access these kind of answers through Touch Stay, via any of their devices, replacing the traditional in-home paper welcome pack. And, for those who still crave paper, or simply want to switch devices off whilst on holiday, Touch Stay provides a printable PDF.

Touch Stay founder Andy McNulty & Touch Stay client, Andy Meddick from Seachange Vacation Rentals talk to Heather Bayer about the platform, its features, and benefits.

Some of Touch Stay’s Ace Features!

When you make something digital you open up so many more possibilities.

Take a look at some of the cool features that a subscription to Touch Stay’s digital guest welcome book comes with…

Share all your insider tips

Use the Google Places integration to help guests live like a local. Add the best restaurants, tourist attractions, and more.

Supply practical information

Provide guests with driving directions, access instructions, check-in times, the nearest ATM or grocery store, and more.

Any device, any language

Guests access the guest welcome book from any device using a unique website link. No app needed. They can even choose their own language!

PDF & print capability

Touch Stay is first & foremost a digital guest welcome book. But you and your guests can save a PDF or print it if needed.

The Faces Behind Touch Stay

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Andy McNulty


Joe Jones


Drew Pearson


Tyann Marcink Hammond

Community Ambassador

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When you make something digital you open up so many more possibilities...