VRS371 – 10 Resolutions Short-Term Rental Business Need to Make in 2021

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Every time a New Year comes around I get excited and motivated to do things differently, to make improvements, and to optimize successes from the previous year.

Things, of course, were different in 2020, and continue to be challenging for 2021 but it’s still a great time to take stock and plan ahead.

In this episode, the CEO of Vacation Rental Formula – Mike Bayer – sits down with his business partner (that’s me) and we discuss the resolutions that make sense for short-term rental business owners to consider buying into as we enter a new year.

In no particular order, we share our thoughts on being more tolerant; building trust, getting automated, connecting with guests, and a whole lot more.

Mike and I discuss:

  • Being more tolerant – Why it’s important to empathize and understand the different perspectives our guests have without immediately labeling them difficult or high maintenance
  • Building trust – ways of creating a trust-based relationship in order to build a direct booking platform
  • Responding to the market – the reasons we should forego the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality
  • Getting automated – tackling tumbleweed time and telling stories that stick
  • Learning analytics – understanding where the traffic comes from and where it goes
  • How to do a SWOT analysis – delving into the internal and external aspects of your business
  • The importance of content – and how it drives traffic when you least expect it
  • Finding the one project management tool that works for you
  • Connecting with guests – and collecting rich data (and what you do with it)
  • Maximizing the marketing mix –  why the OTAs aren’t necessarily the enemy.
  • BONUS: Focus on safety in your property. Protect your guests and protect yourself from a liability claim.

Here is the video to help you with your SWOT analysis.


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