VRS364 – Creating Raving Fans By Making the Most of Tumbleweed Time

We’re so focused on creating the WOW moment at the time our guests arrive, that we can forget the opportunities we have to create similar moments during their ‘journey’ from booking to arrival. However, if we become architects for building anticipation and excitement by engaging travelers in their imagination and their planning process, it forges a relationship that has an undeniable benefit.

Andy McNulty is the founder of Touch Stay – the Digital Welcome Book – and he has become a well-known voice of the guest experience.  Andy doesn’t own properties or run a management company.  He is a serial guest.

For over a decade he has stayed in multiple properties across the world and developed solutions for property managers and independent owners that are rooted in these experiences.  He feels we lack engagement with our guests at the most important times in their journey – that period after they book when they can feel they are in limbo.

Andy calls it ‘tumbleweed’ time.

In this episode, we discuss some of the actions we can take (and the automation we can set up) to get into our guests’ world and activate their thoughts towards their vacation.  By continually reminding them of what’s coming up and providing content that can inform and help their holiday planning, we then become part of that process.  And, that builds loyalty.

We talk about:

  • Missed opportunities and how to capture them
  • Ways to bridge the gap and create excitement
  • Tyann’s postcard method
  • How Beside The Sea Holidays makes it personal
  • Types of information to deliver
  • Building an automated sequence
  • Driving traffic to your digital guide


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