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Good software is only as good as the people that make and support it.  Software suffers when the people that build it stop caring.  At OwnerRez, our People First approach is at the root of every decision we make, and we believe that people – both customers and employees – matter more than profits.

OwnerRez is profitable and privately owned. We have zero debt and zero outside investors the team at OwnerRez are happy to get up every day and work on the product, and are not looking for early exits or acquisitions.  OwnerRez makes careful responsible decisions with money because it's hard to come by, and we don't want to trade our vision and control for outside investors.

OwnerRez CEO, Paul Waldschmidt and OwnerRez client, Chad Bryant from Big Fish Rentals, talk to Heather Bayer about the platform, its features, and benefits.

All the Features You Need In One Platform

You need a long-term booking foundation for your vacation rental business. You need vacation rental software that fully manages your channel listings while focusing on your brand, your website and your way of doing things. Welcome to OwnerRez.

Channel Management

Instead of using third party managers, we built direct partnerships with the major channels. Our connections are lightning fast, clean and simple. And it means we don't need to charge you a percent of your revenue.

Property Management

Do you manage bookings on behalf of other owners?  Do you have co-owners or friends that own some, or all, of the cabins you manage that you charge a monthly commission to?  If so, we can help with that!


Build your brand and start driving your customers to your own website instead of third party channels. You can choose from our own website builder for vacation rentals, add our widgets to your own site or use our WordPress plugin.


Guest communication is a critical element we spend a lot of time on. Create personalized templates that represent your brand and send automatically with powerful triggers.

The Faces Behind OwnerRez

You Couldn't Do It Without Them

Paul Waldschmidt

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Hynes

Co-Founder & CTO

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