Who is the VRSS17 Mystery Speaker?


We are just a few weeks away from the Vacation Rental Success Summit (May 6-7) and on this weeks episode of the Vacation Rental Success Podcast we will be releasing the details of the last and final keynote speaker.

If you have not seen our amazing line up of speakers yet, you can view the agenda here <<

To make things a little fun we would like for you to male your guesses in the comments below as to who that speaker might be.

As a prize we will award the first correct guess with 2 free tickets to VRSS17 or VRSS18.

The speaker announcement will made made during Wednesdays episode that will go live at 9am EST.

Good luck with your guesses.

This competition is now closed and you can find out who our mystery guest is on Episode 173 of the Vacation Rental Success Podcast. Sadly no one guessed the correct answer.



Derik Eaton

Laurie Bixler

Alan Egan

Lisa Marion

Andrea diamond from airbnb

Linda Nealon

Jen O Neal

Serenity Vacation Rentals

Scott McGillivary

Deborah Bozarth

Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb

Heather Bayer

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to make some great guesses. Sadly no one got the correct answer but Lisa Marion was very close with her guess of Andrea Diamond from Airbnb.

As appreciation for your guesses, contact us through the link at the top of the page for an exclusive discount code if you would still like to attend VRSS17.

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