We’re getting a makeover!

decorateYou may have noticed over the past few months, the design of the website has been changing. It’s been a bit of a do-it-ourselves effort to make the blog more readable and we’ve been experimenting with different elements and design features.

It’s been a bit like trying to cut your own hair – you can see the front in the mirror, and maybe a bit of the back if you contort yourself enough, but getting it right so it looks good all over, is pretty near impossible.

You could ask a friend to cut it for you and they may be able to make a better job of it than you did, but it will still come out as an amateur job.

The only way to get a great finish that looks really good is by giving it over to a professional. So that is what we will be doing with this blog by the end of 2014. We are aiming for a full redesign to ensure that you, our wonderful readers, have a user friendly and educational experience when visiting Cottgaeblogger.com.  However we feel we need to make some changes immediately to try and make the usability of the site better in the mean time. So over the next few weeks there will be a few changes coming by doing a few more improvements ourselves. Please bare with us as we trim a little more in the mirror but know that we are making big plans for big changes.

We’ll also be doing some organising of the 100s of articles that are hidden away on the site, to make them more accessible. At the moment, you can get to them by using the Search function, but it can be a bit of a challenge to get to a specific post…..even I can’t find them!

We’d like to throw it out to you –our readers to let us know what would make things better for you. We know you are out there, and would love to hear your opinion.

• How can we improve the site?
• Is there anything you’d like to see featured?
• What could we do to make it more user friendly?
• Would you like to see more owner success stories?
• What would help you as a VR owner / manager to be more successful?

Post your ideas below in the comments and we will respond to every one. After all, the purpose of the blog is to bring you useful information and resources and we want to do it right.