VRS459 – Making a Business out of Short Term Rental with Bruce Ikelheimer of Banjoe Vacations

Getting into a short-term rental, whether it is a single home or managing on behalf of others, means you are running a business.  According to Bruce Ikelheimer of Banjoe Vacations, that is non-negotiable, so all aspects of the operation should be given a business perspective. 

Bruce never sits back and wonders how to do something.  He asks questions.  This is one of the three pieces of advice he would give any short-term rental owner who wants to start out in the business.  In this episode, Bruce shares his background (yes, he was a real rocket scientist) and talks about his focus on growing into property management by owning his own homes.

There’s much more to unpack in this episode from methods of acquiring new owners to his best tech recommendations and challenges that a growing business faces.

Bruce shares:

  • The biggest challenges a small agency faces when seeking to grow
  • What didn’t work in owner acquisition and the breakthrough that paid back in new referrals
  • The three essentials for starting up in the business of short-term rental
  • Which marketing platforms work the best
  • How he crowdsources information
  • How to beat information overload

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