VRS450 – Building the Unique – From Potato House to Hobbit Village and Beyond with Kristie Wolfe

From a tree house in Hawaii, a giant potato in Idaho to a Hobbit House in Washington state, Kristie Wolfe, has engaged massive creativity and ingenuity to build some of the most unique short-term rental properties currently available.

Now, as a judge in the Airbnb OMG Fund, she will be evaluating thousands of wacky ideas against the criteria of originality, feasibility, sustainability, and experience, to help select 100 people who will receive $100K to make their concepts a reality.

Kristie is the perfect person to do this since building quirky houses seems to be in her DNA.

Her story of growing up in a family where creating more space to house everyone, on a budget, was a requirement, is inspiring.  And indeed it inspired her to build her first tiny house on a patch of ‘ugly land’ in her home state of Idaho.

This was followed by ten years of creating a portfolio of off-the-beaten-track properties which have become highly sought-after by fans and enthusiasts of tiny homes, minimalist living, and Instagrammable travel.

In this episode, Kristie shares how her mom inspired her, the journey to a successful short-term rental business, and how a unique approach can be highly profitable.  You’ll also hear what you have to do to submit your idea to the Airbnb OMG fund.

You have until July 22nd 2022 to apply.

She talks about

  • The journey from no meat/no sugar to minimalist living
  • How she took a retired 6-ton potato to one of the most famous listings on Airbnb
  • Researching Hobbit habits and re-reading Lord of the Rings
  • Creating authenticity in each property
  • Preparing guests for self-sufficiency
  • How she finds the right influencers to test the new properties
  • What it takes to hire the right people to look after each place
  • Why she sends every review to her caretakers
  • The processes and the platforms used to streamline bookings and manage questions
  • What’s up next – the Shipwreck House and the Hobbit Village…



Big Idaho Potato House


Airbnb OMG Fund