VRS448 – It’s All Gone Bonkers with Andrew McConnell

Given Andrew McConnell from Rented.com used one of my favorite words to describe the last 6 months, it was fun to talk with him about some of the mass movements in the short-term rental business in the first half of this year.

From some of the best-known people in the industry selling their property management companies to webinars suggesting rates should be adjusted down in preparation for 2023, and a lot in between, there was a lot to unpack.

Andrew joins me on this bi-annual state of the short-term nation

  • How to manage the expectations of new owners
  • How distorted perceptions have given rise to bad advice for property managers
  • What the new market wants and needs
  • Longer seasons, tighter booking periods, sticker shock and panic – how to deal with these
  • Why historical pricing doesn’t work
  • The reasons not to tank rates based on historical trends
  • Flexible search and random locations
  • How to create and generate new destinations and new demand
  • Staying steady and not over-reacting in a volatile time

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