VRS447 – 14 Things you must have in your vacation rental

In 20 years of visiting Ontario cottages and evaluating them for successful rental, the list of must-haves has grown longer.  From the early days of requiring indoor plumbing and at least one flushing toilet, items have been added to ensure guest satisfaction and each year there’s more additions.

So, after the last episode when I addressed what should not be in a vacation rental, in this one I turn to the top 14 things I look for in a visit.

Sometimes, we have owners who balk at having to spend extra money and resent the expectations of our new generations of rental guests.  In fact, the majority of this list represents lower cost items, the provision of which could contribute to raising a rating to the essential 5-star we are all looking for.

So, in no particular order you’ll hear about the following, and why they are included.

  1. 2 pillows per person i.e. 4 pillows per double/queen/king, and 2 for a twin
  2. Additional blankets, comforters or quilts so a guest never has to complain about being cold
  3. Bedside lighting – on either side of a two-person bed
  4. Charging stations, and plenty of them.
  5. Minimum Safety Equipment Fire extinguisher located correctly, smoke & CO alarms
  6. Kettle & Standard coffee maker. (If you listen to me enough, you’ve already got the kettle)
  7. Sufficient indoor and outdoor seating so that all accommodated get to sit together
  8. First Aid Kit – and a neat way to know if it’s been used.
  9. Wine glasses – so many owners forget these
  10. The best wifi you can get
  11. Safety Card with property address – listen to how this actually saved a life.
  12. Welcome Book – preferably digital – so everyone can have a copy
  13. Plenty of kitchen equipment – it’s a vacation not a survival exercise
  14. A good vacuum cleaner – cleaned out on each changeover

Of course there is more, Different locations and guest demographics can result in a very different list.  Share with us what’s on your must-have list.