VRS446 – 14 Things you Should Never Leave in a Vacation Rental

Safety is a big issue in short-term rentals and one we need to take seriously. 

Guests who come to a rental property have one thing in mind and that is to enjoy their vacation in comfortable and attractive surroundings. They will take it for granted that the place is safe for them to use, and that everything that’s left will be for their use unless they are specifically told otherwise ( and even then, they may ignore those instructions).

We cannot use the ‘common sense’ rule where guests are concerned. They will be in vacation-brain mode, which essentially drives behaviour that could be risky and occasionally downright dangerous.

That is why we should remove any items that could cause an issue if used at all, or used irresponsibly.  For example, it may seem a no-brainer to lock up power tools or a gas-powered generator, but every day we hear stories of rental guests hurting themselves (or the property) with things the owner has left unsecured, and in many instances, in clear view.

In this episode, I share the 14 things you should never leave guests to access or use, either for safety, security or personal reasons.

You’ll hear about:

  • The good reason to take out your original artwork
  • The easiest way to start a fire in a power outage…and it’s something many hosts leave their guests to use
  • Why air fresheners can do the absolute opposite to what the name suggests
  • The case for empty refrigerators
  • How guests can damage your soft furnishings and they are not to blame
  • The four things you would never imagine to be a fire accelerant
  • Why you should install extra power outlets
  • What you should lock away and keep out of the reach of adults
  • The risk of pointy projectiles
  • The furniture you should never allow in your home when renting it out
  • The hammock tragedy and why it just doesn’t make any sense to provide one

Download our handy checklist of the 14 Items That Should Never Be Seen In A Short-Term Rental