VRS445 – 0 to 500 Properties in Five Years, A Playbook with Brooke Pfautz of Vintory

In the introduction to 0 – 500 Properties in Five Years, Brooke Pfautz shares his story of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and his eternal optimism.  From growing a mortgage company to a thriving 100-employee business with over $350 million in loans to the depths of the financial crisis of 2008, to starting up in a completely new field, he delivers an enthralling start.

This book is about pioneering.  It’s about understanding that being the same as everyone else isn’t going to cut it, and it’s about being the best.

Taking Vantage Realty from ground zero to 500 properties in a few years was a testament to that pioneering philosophy, and gave Brooke the experience and impetus necessary to found Vintory.  Now he and his team help other vacation rental managers grow their inventory following that tried and trusted route.

In this episode Brooke talks about:

  • Changes in owner acquisition over the past 18 months
  • Defining your VRM type
  • Outcome marketing and why it’s important to understand the concept
  • The 7 components of an owner offer
  • How to create a great landing page
  • The best way of tracking leads and ensuring no owner falls through the cracks
  • The best method of long-term nurture

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0-500 Properties in Five Years