VRS434 – How To Create The Best Digital Guidebook for Your Short Term Rental

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The digital format of the old welcome binder has become the gold standard in short-term rentals for hosts and managers worldwide, so if you haven’t already done the switch to a digital guidebook for your rental home, it’s time to consider the benefits. 

These guest books have been around for a while.  The hospitality app, Glad To Have You, was founded in 2011 by Jason Sprenkle and was subsequently acquired by Home Away.  It was the first opportunity property managers had to deliver information to guests using mobile technology and it was an exciting time in the industry.

Other suppliers came on board and there are numerous options available in the 2022 market.

In this episode you’ll hear why you need to have a digital guidebook, what should be in it, and most importantly, how to get your guests to read it!

Contributions for this episode were received with thanks from Donna Martinez, Sara Sokol, Richard Moore, Brittany Blackman, Hazel Parker, and the folks at Stingray Villa – Cozumel Lapone.

What you’ll hear:

  • How the best efforts at sharing information can come across as cluttered and confusing
  • The reasons to go digital
  • What to put in your guide book
  • How video can save you time and effort
  • How behaviour skills training could get your guests to read the guide
  • The Van Halen brown M&Ms story

Download our Digital Guide Checklist with over 100 ideas on topics to include in your own welcome book.

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