VRS426 – Short-Term Rental Channel Management Demystified

What exactly is channel management?  How does it work?  How much will it cost?  How many channels are there?  These are questions anyone new to the short-term rental business should ask, however until recently there haven’t been any real definitive answers to raise the curtain on the topic.

Terry Whyte – AKA the Vacation Rental Software Guy – has spent years researching property management software, advising small and large short-term rental operators on the best options for them.  His knowledge spans every aspect of the technical side of reservation management, including that elusive subject of channel management.

In a recent blog post on his website, titled The Future of Distribution & Channel Management Terry wrote:

‘Channel management might be the single biggest confusing and misunderstood topic I come across. Here are a number of the falsehoods I hear often:

“A PMS is not a channel manager”
“Channel Manager integration is superior to a PMS integration”
“You only need one Channel Manager to be successful”
“All Channel Managers are the same”
“The imminent demise of the Channel Manager”

I believe there is only one way to explain and clear up the confusion.

The reason for the confusion is the misunderstanding between the role a property management software (PMS) and a dedicated Channel Manager play in distribution.’

This episode delves into these misunderstandings and helps to demystify the myths surrounding channel management.

Terry explains:

  • What a channel manager can do for your business
  • How your PMS could be your most important channel manager
  • Why it’s important to have a blend of channel management options
  • The benefits and disadvantages of PMS integration
  • How to evaluate different PMS and channel managers

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