VRS419 – Make Instagram Work for Your Business – Tips for Vacation Rental Owners & Hosts

Where does your avatar hang out?  That’s the key question to ask before honing into a specific social media platform. 

2021 statistics show us that Facebook is still at the top, although younger (under 35’s) users are migrating to Instagram. 

Youtube comes in at a solid #2. As vacation rental owners and managers we want to hit our demographic right where they are scrolling, and in this episode we’re focusing on Instagram and the millennial and Gen Xers who are now heading up their young families and travelling more widely.

Paul Anderson has been in the hospitality arena for many years running a popular guest house in historic Oxford (that’s the UK one). 

He also shares his expertise in digital marketing and direct booking at The Social Media Hotelier.

Paul shares:

  • Why a hospitality business should use Instagram
  • 5 tips for getting started on the platform
  • How defining an avatar can influence what you post
  • How to show up ‘as yourself’
  • The different types of posts and how & when each can be used
  • What reels are and how they can be used most effectively
  • Tips on recording and editing and publishing reels
  • How to measure the effectiveness of posting on Instagram

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