VRS418 – 10 Winter Projects for a Short Term Rental Property Manager

From guest communication to social media, our tech stack to owner acquisition and onboarding, there are a lot of moving parts to this business.  And we are all busy people.  This is why it’s worthwhile taking a focused look at what needs to be reviewed, revisited, discarded or revamped, and use a slower time of the year to work through it all.

Our downtime is from December through February as there are few in-residence guests, forward reservations are steady but fairly automatic, and staff have more time to focus on projects.

It is the perfect time to address all those issues that arose during the busy summer season and to do some business clean-up.

Like a spring clean except in winter.

In this episode I share the ten major projects we’ll be working on, and why they are important.

We’ll be:

  • Creating a 90-day plan covering the major goals for the year
  • Reviewing the communications workflow
  • Cleaning out the toolbox
  • Creating social media templates
  • Building an editorial calendar
  • Planning a video strategy
  • Streamlining owner onboarding
  • Cleaning out the digital filing cabinet
  • Developing a staff handbook
  • Building out our owner acquisition campaign