VRS417 – Keynote Summaries & Conference Takeaways with Matt Landau

If you didn’t get to any, or many conferences this year, you may have felt some FOMO. All those networking and educational sessions missed.  And from all accounts, a year off from in-person events meant they bounced back with renewed energy and a lot of new content. 

The keynote presentations are often the ones that deliver those strategic nuggets – often through metaphor, great stories and analogies – the one thing you hadn’t thought of before. 

Matt Landau – founder of VRMB – delivered five stellar presentations by all accounts.  Each was original and different and spoke to the nature of the event and the audience, and in this episode he shares the key points from them.

From Charleston to Oregon to San Antonio and points between, Matt shared his insights into industry changes, professionalism, being strategically different, tech-enabled hospitality, innovation, and a lot more.

You’ll hear:

  • Why being great at operations is no longer enough
  • The importance of creating upper boundaries within a business
  • What the pandemic did and how not all of it was bad
  • How using FLOSS regularly bolsters USP and can help command higher rates
  • Why the Agile Approach to tech works for small managers
  • How networking and asking colleagues is a primary step in sourcing new tech
  • The Hydrofoil approach to innovation
  • The gang intervention story and how it relates to out-of-the-box thinking

Matt created private recordings of all his keynotes and members of VRMB can watch them at their leisure.

Links mentioned:


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Kai Lenny – Hydrofoil