VRS415 – What we Learned from a Summer of Vacation Rentals in 2021 with Andy Meddick

After a long summer of maximum occupancy and demanding guests, Andy Meddick of Seachange Vacation Rentals is now relaxing and reflecting on what went well, what didn’t go so well, and all the things that could be done differently.

From laundry woes, spiders, inexperienced owners, and a revolving door of staff, Andy and his team have weathered the ups and downs of another busy season and he is here to share the learnings so we can all do better next time!

In this episode Andy recalls the best and the worst and shares his 5 key insights that will drive his business forward for another year.

  • The record breaking year and an unheard of extension to the season
  • Why you need to get your act together to prevent refund demands
  • Burnout is real and why coping mechanisms are important
  • Why you should be networking for sanities sake
  • Knowing when to flip the sign to ‘closed’
  • Modelling accountability and holding others to their commitments
  • The tech that carried Seachange through a season
  • Who is really paying the piper?
  • Tracking costs for better efficiency

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