VRS414 – Creating an Award-Winning Video Marketing Strategy

We’ve been told for years that video works to attract traffic, keep it on your website and aid in conversions, but how many of us have taken that to heart and built it into a strategic marketing plan. 

When Galveston’s Ryson Vacation Rentals hired a video expert eighteen months ago, they had this in mind and it has paid off handsomely.  At the VRMA conference in October, the Excellence Award for Best Marketing Campaign Award (Vacation Rental Management Company) was presented to Thomas Given with this citation:

“When the company hired Givan, his hard work and gifted skillset were immediately evident. From new cameras to software and even the use of drones, Ryson increased engagement across social media and showcased properties through an innovative video campaign.”

In this episode Thomas talks about all things video, from property walkthrough’s to local attraction marketing; editing tools and equipment, and brings a fresh take on what we can do to easily incorporate video into websites and marketing campaigns.

We talk about:

  • The VRMA award and what it meant to get to be nominated
  • Different types of content creation
  • The importance of video in an overall content strategy
  • How Instagram Reels and TikTok are creating new markets
  • What makes a successful video marketing campaign
  • The basic equipment from cameras, to audio, tripods to lighting, and external hard drives
  • Recommendations for editing software and tips on getting started with editing
  • The role of B-roll and how to create, store and use it
  • The most successful types of content in terms of traffic generation?

Links Mentioned:

Ryson Vacation Rentals

Movo Photo (for equipment)

Adobe Premiere

Davinci Resolve


VRMA Excellence Awards