VRS413 – Changing Strategies for Owner Acquisition with Brooke Pfautz

For some property managers, the landscape of owner acquisition has changed in the past two years.  Some owners are wanting to rent in order to fund the investment and have high expectations of income and occupancy; others bought to escape urban living and have no intention of getting into short-term rental – but may do so in the future.

These new models of ownership have brought some challenges but none that can’t be overcome by some creative ideas and good planning.

The founder of Vintory, Brooke Pfautz has a thorough knowledge of navigating changing strategies in owner acquisition. 

Brooke’s history with the short-term rental business goes back 12 years when he founded Vantage Resort Realty in Ocean City, MD and took an idea on a napkin to more than 500 properties in just five years.  After exiting that business he took his industry growth experience to major vacation rental brands before creating the only sales and marketing agency in the vacation rental industry dedicated entirely to helping professional property managers add new homes to their programs.

Given owner acquisition is one of the primary goals of a forward-thinking property management company – after all, where would we be without our owners – the knowledge that Brooke shares is invaluable.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The changes the pandemic has created
  • How much rising real estate prices and demand fuelled the need for rental to support an investment strategy
  • The impact the growth of Vacasa and other consolidators is having on acquisition by independent PMs
  • How managers can respond to the question ‘What can you do that I can’t do myself with Airbnb..and they offer guarantees’
  • The nature of 2022 and how predictable/unpredicatable it will be.
  • The importance of knowing what your owners want and delivering the goods
  • The value of owner content for your website
  • Two great ideas for lead magnets to drive potential owners to sign up for your mailing list
  • Using psychometric testing to get the right people in the right seats

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