VRS411 – Bringing Luxury & Disruption to a Traditional Market – Spotlight on Jayne’s Cottages

It’s a daunting prospect for any new property manager to come into an established market and throw the doors open to a new idea.  Jane McCaw did this with Jayne’s Cottages, which after 7 years has built to 300+ properties and is growing daily.

She has done this with a combination of drive, determination, a deep knowledge of her market and a dedication to providing the highest standards attainable.

The rental market in Ontario, Canada has followed a similar pattern for decades.  Supply waterfront rental cottages to a domestic market in the strong July/August season on a traditional self-catering model.  Until recently, it has been the norm for guests to be asked to provide all their own bed linens, and leave the property in an as-found condition, and in fact many managed and independently rented cottages still follow this model, regardless of the price point.

Jayne’s Cottages disrupted this by adopting a ‘We do everything’ strategy from the get-go.  While new companies often grow inventory at the start with limited criteria for acceptance, Jayne went in another direction seeking out luxury properties for a discerning worldwide market. 

What she offered property owners was a completely hands-off experience, not common in this very rural market.

In this episode Jayne talks about her philosophy behind the success of her company; the challenges she faced – particularly in logistics and staffing, and her goals for the future.

She shares:

  • How a booking with a luxury rental company inspired the idea for Jayne’s Cottages
  • The first owner acquisitions from a cranberry festival
  • The strategies to attract new owners & the ‘We do Everything’ edge
  • Her philosophy on the ‘decentralized five star hotel experience at a cottage’
  • The value of media coverage for credibility
  • The relationship between PMS and CRM and a novel way of managing the business
  • Challenges with staffing and the benefits of hiring from the hotel industry
  • Why networking is beneficial & the value of having a mentor
  • Her goals for the future of Jayne’s Cottages

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