VRS404 – PODCAST SWAP: Unlocked By Matt Landau

If you listen to this podcast, you might listen to others….but maybe not.  If that’s the case this first episode of the podcast swap is a great taster of other amazing shows out in listener land.  Matt Landau’s Unlocked Podcast delivers his great insight into this industry via interviews with people who are committed to his concept of the Limited Edition

I’m also appropriating the Unlocked shownotes for this episode:

“Linda Sylvester is one of our vacation rental heroines. She has one of the clearest, fiercest understandings of what she likes: and it just so happens to be what guests are willing to pay good money for: AND what homeowners and desperate to align themselves with.

But here’s the rub: Linda’s expertise is not glamorous: her solutions aren’t cookie-cutter.

So when Great Vacation Retreats, the company Linda helped grow form 20 to 70 properties, recently sold to a large vacation rental management company, Linda frankly dreaded what came next.

But instead of letting that dread stop her, Linda pinpointed the limited edition hospitality solutions that she was most proud of crafting. In this interview we walk through that list.

What happened next? A calculated set of moves that have got Linda back to doing what she loves.”

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