VRS400 – The 4 Pillars of Limited Edition Hospitality with Matt Landau

Matt Landau has been espousing what he calls Limited Edition hospitality for many years.  In an article in VRM Intel in 2018 he says:

“The theory first began with a very serious realization. As the vacation rental industry grows, independent owners and managers are being forced to choose between two polar opposite business models: the commodity vacation rental and the limited edition. There is increasingly less opportunity for success anywhere in between.”

Three years on, the concept of limited edition is still just as relevant and with the direct booking movement growing in strength, the nature of it has become more structured.

Matt sees four commonalities or ‘pillars of success’ underpinning the limited edition model – family, local, specialities, and surprises (FLoSS).  These are what successful operators and managers all have in common as they create robust businesses that are becoming more independent of the online booking platforms.

In this episode Matt talks through each of the pillars and shares many examples from the last five years of talking with the best in our industry.

He shares:

  • How to be a champion of uniqueness
  • Using happiness and satisfaction as a metric
  • The concept of family or team behind every successful business
  • Why you need to tell your origin story and get personal
  • How even the biggest companies can be hyper-local in their shared knowledge
  • Being physically present isn’t necessary in order to be a local guru
  • The importance of niching down and serving a tightly defined audience
  • Why you should market for future stays the moment guests enter your home

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