VRS398 – 10 Coping Mechanisms for a Summer of Crazy Vacation Rentals

Years ago, when I was a practicing psychotherapist, I employed a bunch of coping strategies for handling the tough stuff I heard from my clients.  I had to learn to manage through, and after a session, and not get caught up in their emotional dramas, while still listening well and being empathetic.  Not much different from dealing with rental guests, right?

While dealing with an electrocuted raccoon, or an invasion of ants (both of which we’ve handled recently), might not seem a topic for the therapist’s couch, to the guest experiencing it at the time it could be traumatic to them.  Come to that, a dripping tap or the sound of chirping frogs could be enough to drive them over the edge.  And we have to deal with the fallout.

So, lets add therapist to our long list of necessary owner and PM skills.

We hear a lot about how we must take care of our mental health – eat well, exercise, sleep a certain number of hours, reduce alcohol consumption etc.  You just need to Google how to cope with stress, and numerous articles pop up with the same old advice.

In this episode I’m sharing some of the strategies I was taught to help maintain balance while dealing with other people’s stress and emotions.

I think there’s ten….there may be more…or less, but I hope you take something away that will help you cope with whatever comes at you in this summer of crazy rentals.

You’ll hear:

  • What my start and end-of-day rituals are and how they work
  • Why you should add in more gratitude
  • How to flip your mood and intentionally choose a better emotion
  • The goldfish bowl technique and how to bounce off hostility and anger
  • Why thinking forward is a great technique for any situation
  • That adopting an “It’s not you” attitude can change your feelings
  • Why you can’t change someone elses behaviour and ‘teaching them a lesson’ doesn’t work
  • The reason to find your happy place and designate time for decompression
  • Why you should give up the need to be right and how much better you’ll feel when you do
  • The reasons to stop scrolling Facebook
  • The inspiring story of a good Samaritan on a bridge in Naan-jing, China and why you need to find your ledge talker.

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