VRS397 – All Aboard! An STR Owner Onboarding Masterclass with Andy Meddick of Seachange Vacation Rentals

It’s been interesting times for property managers this year.  From owners declaring they have sold and won’t honour existing bookings (despite contractual agreements) to properties being bought sight unseen with expectations of an immediate return, the real estate market boom has brought its challenges.

While many will dip their toes in the STR water with Airbnb and their promises of massive returns and host guarantees, there are a significant number of new owners who want to start out with a property manager while they get an understanding of the market.

From our experience, most will appreciate the benefits of using a PM company and don’t go the self-management route.  But there are those who are way more suited to it as most PMs will attest.

Andy Meddick from Seachange Vacactions has seen them all.  With 80+ properties under management in the Delaware Beaches area, Andy and his team handle multiple changeovers every week, and the running joke on his Facebook page is the linen-filled truck that threatens to overcome the driver.

Owner acquisition and onboarding is a major component of Andy’s day-to-day work. One day he might be sourcing furniture and lamps for a newly acquired property; on another he’s talking an owner through the Seachange dynamic pricing strategy in a Zoom call. 

In this episode we talk about the common aspects of our businesses in terms of new-owner management; what the challenges are in today’s world of second-home investment, and why it’s so important to clarify early on the responsibilities of each party.

I also mention a new feature episode that will be coming up soon called ‘Stay Attention’….or it might be ‘Brits & Pieces’!!  This is a new venture with Andy and I talking through a very specific topic each week, drilling down to share our own unique solutions.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Andy is waving a frypan in the air
  • What ‘onboarding’ actually means
  • The Seachange onboarding method
  • The one thing he won’t compromise on
  • How the Seachange process works to ensure success for their owners

Why the owner should not be there for the inventory check