VRS396 – Building a Short-Term Rental Listing That Beats the Competition – 7 Principles of Listing Optimization

Is your listing captivating?  Are you doing enough to stop visitors scrolling past so they don’t get to see you have a 96 Jet tub with satellite TV built-in, buried in an amenity list?  Do you have branding that will stop them in their tracks?

If you answered yes, then move on.  There’s nothing to see here. But for most of us, even if our listings are doing well, a little tweaking to up the game can’t hurt.  And the tips in this episode are enough to propel some to full-occupancy status.

In becoming digital nomads, Brian and Katie Greene have booked plenty of vacation rentals, and they know that the starting point is the scrolling.  Going through hundreds of listings in a location to find the one that sparks a desire – the one that will get their money.  In doing so they saw a pattern from their own engagement with a listing.

When it seemed to be speaking directly to them and ticking all their boxes; when the magnet photo was mesmerizing and the branding called out to them, and the reviews were pumped up as captions on the pictures, it was clear the owner or manager got it.  They knew how to push the right button to capture the imagination and captivate the audience.

From there it was a simple step to develop a business to help short-term rental operators get the edge of their competition.

Brian and Katie join Heather in this episode to share:

  • The first thing every listing must start with
  • How to stop the scroll and tickle the lizard brain
  • Why branding can make a difference – from Flying Toucans to Hygge House
  • All things staging color themes, and wall art
  • What backing up, pointing down, and framing from the door can do for your photoshoot
  • How to edit images for the best impact
  • Ways to capitalize on reviews
  • The importance of becoming an ambassador for your town & location

Click here to access your branding guide and free listing assessment (the offer of a free listing assessment is open for only one week following the publication of this episode).

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