VRS394 – The Post-Covid World of Short-Term-Rentals with Andrew McConnell

Things used to happen fairly slowly in the short-term rental business.  There would be an acquisition here and there; a long-standing property management company would get bought out, and a few new software providers would enter the market.

That was then – maybe ten years ago and before.  Since then the speed of change has increased exponentially. 

In fact, 8 years ago there was only one vacation rental podcast…you know which one that was.  Now, in a recent post on the Your Welcome blog, there are 22 podcasts listed.

VRMA used to host the only conference for the industry. Now, there are choices for every month of the year.  In fact, you can completely immerse yourself in the industry, if you aren’t already knee-deep in it.

Andrew McConnell has been a constant over the past several years, firstly joining VRS for a yearly industry update, and now a bi-annual regular on the show to ensure we cover the most important things that have happened in the previous 6 months.

In this episode we explore what’s been in the news over the last half-year; analyze some comments from one of the industry’s super-experts from a Skift Live event, and talk about different ways of growing a business as V-Trips and Vacasa build their behemoth organizations.

Andrew shares his thoughts on:

  • The impact of Covid and where the post-pandemic era will take us
  • Roll-ups (not the ones I used to smoke behind the bike sheds at school)
  • Hospitality vs technology
  • Vacation rentals not being alternative any longer
  • Why we are seeing an older cohort accounting for more growth

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