VRS392 – Revenge Travel & The Impact on Short Term Rentals

Revenge Travel will be all the rage for the next few years – so says an article in Huffington Post

I wanted to unpack this, find out what ‘revenge travel’ actually means, and explore what it means.

Mike Kennedy, co-founder of the travel marketplace KOALA explains that ‘revenge travel’ is essentially a slingshot back into the world.

“It’s a visceral response to pent-up travel demand”.

Konrad Waliszewski, co-founder and CEO of the travel app Tripscout says, 

“While ‘revenge travel’ is the hot new term, it explains exactly what travelers have been saying since the pandemic started,” and adds,  “We are no longer going to take for granted that there will always be a flight tomorrow and an open border waiting to greet us. We will make up for the lost time and experiences with a vengeance.”

Travel experts believe that in this scenario, travel demand is likely to reach new heights as once a high percentage of the world is vaccinated we should be prepared to witness the biggest travel boom the world has ever seen.

Waliszewski further claims that:

“Pent-up demand from a year of lockdown, combined with a significant increase in remote work flexibility, a decrease in required business travel, and respect for the fact you never know when the world will shut down again, will cause people to travel like never before.”

We have a massive opportunity here to take advantage of these trends and tweak our marketing efforts accordingly. 

Let’s get focused on what these travelers are looking for and create content that draws them into your services and rental homes.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How people are changing their travel behaviors and how you can take advantage of this
  • Statistics on last-minute travel trends
  • The opportunities in reunion bookings
  • 3 tactics to attract group bookings to your location
  • The importance of being descriptive about outdoor locations
  • How to beat hotels at the pet-friendly game
  • What to put in a pet welcome pack
  • Why you need to be prepared for higher-maintenance guests
  • Tips on keeping up with cleaning and hygiene protocols


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