VRS391 – How to Hire the Right People in a Post Pandemic Environment with Sue Jones

If you want to grow a short-term rental business, you will need people. 

Good people. 

Not people who are just like you, although replicating yourself is usually the first thought entrepreneurs have.  Your first hire should be the person who can fill the gaps in your skillset. 

So, where do you find the right person, how do you choose what they should do, what will the first weeks be like, and how do you make sure they like what they are doing and stay on? 

There have been changes over the past year we have to recognize are here to stay for a while so knowing how to manage the first and subsequent hires to ensure your short-term rental business gets the right employees for the right jobs can be challenging.

Sue Jones, is founder of HR4VR – which is just what it says in the title – Human Resources for Vacation Rentals.

Sue has been an HR specialist for many years, and it was in a role with Navis that she realised the niche she had been looking for was in vacation rentals. 

Setting up her own company to help managers, whether they are looking for a first hire, or the 100th was a logical step.

Sue takes a very practical and creative approach to HR in our industry and outlines the ways in which you can find the right person, and keep them.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The major challenges facing property managers right now with staffing.
  • How the likelihood of continued remote working can impact (and benefit) a small PM company.
  • How psychometric assessments offers value to managers
  • Which testing methods deliver the best results
  • How performance can be managed when staff are working from home?
  • The reasons to avoid traditional annual performance reviews
  • How to deliver feedback
  • How can managers find appropriate training for their staff and evaluate how effective it is?

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