VRS389 – Spotlight on Property Managers – Alanna Miel of Sweethaven Rentals

As we watch the larger vacation rental companies sound forth about mergers and acquisitions and going public, there’s a quieter revolution underway.  One that involves community building, being hyper-local, and a thorough understanding of guest and owner demographics.

New property management companies are forming and growing with passionate leaders at their helm.  Alanna Miel is one of these, and Sweethaven Rentals in Lincoln City, Oregon is benefiting from her years of experience in community action and humanitarian work.

As with most new STR management companies Miel started by renting out her own cabins.  As her husband, Adam Creighton, explained to me in an email suggesting I interview her for the podcast,

“Within a year she had gone from losing money on the cabins to making more annually from each than from the three-, four- and five-bedroom homes in the surrounding Luxury Vacation Community (which has a special Zoning status for its STR use). Her savvy management caught the attention of fellow homeowners and her inventory of homes under contract has grown from 2 in 2018, to now 18 in the early half of 2021 without any marketing besides reputation.”

Miel aims to stay within the fairly close confines of this community, growing her reputation as a local force in the industry.  To this end, she’s recently become a real estate agent servicing the area.

She shares with us:

  • The strategies she uses to attract new owners
  • How she outstrips competitors’ revenue for their owners
  • Ways of getting known in the community and growing referrals
  • Why she feels a defined niche is a valuable growth tool
  • Her favorite tech tools
  • Her revenue management strategies and why they are manual

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